Cognoscenti and connoisseurs take notice. Journey to an 
enchanted land of sprawling private gardens, gourmet cuisines and panoramic lakefront vistas. Stroll through 440 acres of pure Shangri-La as you sip a cool beverage while live music gently cascades around you. Saturate your senses from your vantage point overlooking the bluffs of Lake Michigan. Discover the endless flora and fauna from your seat on a small private train. Enjoy wine-tastings with a world-renowned sommelier. Savor an eclectic palette of nationally award-winning culinary creations. Around each corner, a fresh discovery; a brand new, grand new adventure. In years to come, those in attendance will rave to colleagues. All will enjoy adventures and "controlled mayhem" for adults. Please join us, won’t you?


Christopher Gardens ~ Sheboygan, Wisconsin